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    • 'Evening's Glory' by S. R.Bricka

      This work of impressionism is an oil on canvas by S. R. Bricka. In this piece she attempts to mimic the way God paints a sunset in the sky. Each evening The Creator displays a glorious show for all to see. One should be reminded when looking at this painting, as well as each evening sunset, that God has made such beauty.

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    • 'Winter's Tree', by S. R. Bricka

      This oil painting is an abstract by S. R. Bricka.  The roots, trunk and branches of a tree are made to stand out as they are painted in a snowy white.  The tree appears as one might find it in God’s nature after an ice storm has passed over it.  The background shows a blur of yellow, blue and green representing the sunlight, sky, and other plant life around the tree. 
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